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What Is Fexofenadine
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What Is Fexofenadine

Related post: performed satisfactorily. 95. With respect to the quality control unit's authority and responsibility under 211.22(a) for approval and/or rejection of raw materials, in-process materials, and finished products, one person asked that other alternatives be permitted when materials may be suitable for other purposes and uses than those originally intended. Use of the word "reject" does not necessarily mean that the rejected material must be destroyed. When materials are ordered by a manufacturer, they are ordered with a particular purpose in mind. If testing of a material shows that it is not suitable for a particular use, it may be used for that purpose and, therefore, is rejected. It may, however, be suitable for other uses requiring a material with differing specifications. 96. Several comments proposed that 211.22(a) be modified so that the quality control unit would not have to have the responsibility to review all labeling unless it is connected with the manufactured dosage form. The reasoning was that some promotional literature, not physically associated with the drug product, had been defined as labeling in court suits where FDA charged misbranding of a product with promotional literature, but that such material was not labeling in the sense in which these regulations referred to labeling. The Commissioner Allegra Fexofenadine notes that the scope of the CGMP regulations is to set forth the facilities, methods, and controls to be used for the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of a drug product. It is not the purpose of the CGMP regulations to control labeling such as promotional literature that is not associated with the drug product during its preparation under CGMP regulations. 97. Comments asked for modification in the last sentence of 211.22(a) relating to production of drugs under contract by another company. They suggested that the contractor could release drugs for distribution on his own responsibility if a certificate of analysis showed compliance with appropriate specifications. Others suggested that the responsibility for approving or rejecting drug products produced by contractors appeared in this paragraph to rest with the contractor. This paragraph clearly says that the quality control unit of a contracting firm must approve or reject drug products produced by contractors. The Commissioner believes this is proper because, in Fexofenadine Tablets the circumstances described, the contractor does not own the goods, but merely performs a service for the contracting firm. The responsibility to approve release of a drug product for distribution must rest with the owner of the drug product. 98. A number of persons responding to the proposal objected to the example of bioequivalence testing as one of the tests which must be performed in a quality control unit's laboratory. Some said this type What Is Fexofenadine of testing was normally done outside the quality control unit, such as by a medical unit. Others complained that bioequivalence standards are in a state of flux and have not as yet been established. Bioequivalence tests may include tests such as dissolution tests, which are generally done in the quality control unit's laboratory. They also Cheap Fexofenadine may include in vivo tests done by medical units within or outside the firm. The Commissioner agrees, therefore, that this example is not necessarily one which generally represents the work done in the quality control laboratory. Although he is deleting the bioequivalence testing example, in vitro dissolution tests for bioequivalence are in fact an example of the type of work that could and should be done in the quality control laboratory. 99. Two comments suggested either deleting the reference in 211.22(b) to "packaging materials" as one of the articles tested in the quality control laboratory, or changing it to "packing materials," on the basis that the Fexofenadine 180 examination for suitability of such materials is more properly a function of the shipping department and relates Fexofenadine Allegra solely to protective qualities to prevent mutilation or breakage of drug product containers. Breakage of containers can cause product adulteration and mutilation of containers, which may result in product misbranding. The protection of drug products from such mechanical damage is just as much a Buy Fexofenadine function of the maintenance of drug product quality as placing light-sensitive products in light-resistent containers or labeling a product with its proper name and an accurate statement of its potency. The Commissioner notes that primary responsibility for selecting specifications for packaging materials may be assigned to the shipping department of a firm. Under 211.22, the quality control unit is only responsible for testing and approving (or rejecting) packaging materials in accordance with these specifications. Therefore, no change is needed in the section. 100. Several comments proposed eliminating from 211.22(b) Generic Fexofenadine the statement regarding approval (or rejection) of materials used in manufacturing and suggested use of words like "evaluation" or "disposition." It was also suggested by others that "or" be placed between "and" and "approval" to allow for instances described as not requiring testing for approval. Several discussions appear in this preamble relating to the use of the words "approval" and "rejection." These words mean either that an article may or may not be used for production of a drug product. Reprocessing, reworking, refining, diversion to other acceptable uses, returning to the supplier, or destruction are all actions that may occur after a decision to reject and are in no way precluded by the rejection decision unless specifically stated by the manufacturer. 101. Clarification of the option of using an outside testing laboratory was asked by respondents who wanted an explicit statement in 211.22(b) of the acceptability of this means of product examination. The thrust of 211.22(b) is that adequate laboratory facilities shall be available to the quality control unit from whatever source. The paragraph does not require those facilities to be owned and operated by the drug product manufacturer, nor does it prohibit the manufacturer from Buy Fexofenadine Online using a contract testing facility. The Commissioner does not feel clarification is needed in 211.22(b). 102. Four comments recommended deletion of 211.22(c) entirely, because either (1) the requirements Fexofenadine Online are adequately covered in 211.22(a), or (2) Order Fexofenadine units of a firm other than the quality control unit have greater expertise in specific areas. The provisions of paragraph 211.22(a) differ from those of paragraph (c) in that paragraph (a) relates to the actual production of a product, while paragraph (c) covers events which occur before production. The Commissioner realizes that not all expertise rests with the quality control unit, and he does not believe that the quality control unit should be solely responsible for developing and implementing all procedures and specifications impacting on drug product quality. A manufacturer may assign primary and initial Fexofenadine 180 Mg responsibility for selecting procedures or specifications to the persons or units it believes most qualified. The Commissioner's intent is that the quality control unit be responsible for making sure that the procedures and specifications developed are Fexofenadine 180mg appropriate and followed. 103. One comment indicated that the proposed 211.22(c) does not allow minor equipment changes that do not bear on drug quality, unless such changes are first approved by the quality control unit. Section 211.22(c) is limited to those procedures and specifications that impact Fexofenadine Buy on drug quality. Moreover, the paragraph does not prevent the production personnel from making minor equipment adjustments that may affect drug quality without the quality control unit's approval of the specific change. It does require that the procedures regarding such equipment adjustment be reviewed in advance by the quality control unit. 104. A comment suggested that 211.22(c) be expanded to provide for specification committees, formula committees, and others instead of making the quality control unit totally responsible. As already explained, input into specifications and procedures may come from any appropriate Fexofenadine Hydrochloride source. If a firm chooses to utilize specification and/or formula committees, it is not prohibited from doing so by these regulations.
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